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With the fourth season of ABC’s hit television show “Scandal” airing this fall, Gladiators, the nickname for “Scandal” fans, all over the country are bustling with excitement over the hot fall clothing line “Scandal,” that has been released to the public.

Kerry Washington, actress who plays the leading star Olivia Pope, Lyn Paolo, costume designer of “Scandal” and Elliot Staples, head of design for clothing store The Limited, have teamed up to design a line of clothing that is now available for women to purchase at The Limited.

Washington’s character is well known for having an incredible sense of style on the show. What Washington, Paolo and Staples want is for women to feel confident and powerful in the clothing they wear.

“Dressing as a Gladiator means not being afraid to have it all – to be glamorous, smart, powerful and sexy,” said Washington to InStyle. “There’s this history in fashion that in order to be a powerful woman means you have to dress like a man, and we wanted to go away from that. We wanted to figure out how to express both power and femininity through fashion for this character, because she’s a woman who is not afraid to be the most powerful character in the room.”

Some items in the collection are identical to what Washington wears on the show. The collection contains signature jackets, wide legged and slim ankle trousers, beautiful dresses and an extensive variety of sophisticated tops.

What Washington, Paolo and Staples envisioned was to make it possible for buyers to mix and match as many articles of clothing from this line. Most pieces are compatible with each other and create completely different outfits.

“I love the simple elegance in this collection,” said Staples to Forbes. “Bringing a quintessential neutral palette together with soft feminine color, the collection is outfit driven while remaining easy to mix and match.”

Now fans are able to dress in the same designs of clothing that are worn by Washington starting at $49 to $250. Women all over the country are now able to feel beautiful and fashionable, but also like “Gladiators in suits.”

For viewers who have not yet seen “Scandal” seasons one through three are available on Netflix and other online streaming websites. The fourth season is currently airing on ABC at 9 p.m. on Thursdays.


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