Gallo Follows In Grandfather’s Footsteps

Family Ties Guide Freshman To Lynn 

Samantha Gallo felt a strong connection to Lynn due to her relation to John Gallo Jr., a member of the Lynn staff for more than 30 years. 

John Gallo worked with financial advancement at Lynn where he raised money for the university for more than 30 years. 

“From what I can remember, he was a big part of building the school from [its] early stages to what it is today,” said Samantha Gallo, first-year student. 

Since her grandfather was a part of the Lynn community and gave the university such praise, Samantha Gallo was heavily influenced to take a campus tour. 

“I fell in love with the campus as soon as I went on my tour,” said Samantha Gallo. “I was able to see all of the amazing things my grandfather told me about the school for myself.” 

As a current student at Lynn, Samantha Gallo feels that she is part of a community just like her grandfather was as a staff member. 

“My professors make me feel like I’m important, and they seem to personally care about my education,” said Samantha Gallo. “The diversity in the student body and the study abroad opportunities that Lynn offers make it a good fit for me since I love to travel.” 

The freshman has always been close to her grandfather since she is his only grandchildren who lives in Miami. John Gallo is still a resident of Boca Raton, which allows Samantha to visit him frequently. 

“He loves hearing me talk about how much I love Lynn,” said Samantha Gallo. “I think it makes him really happy to know that the love for this school [has been] passed on through generations.” 

Samantha Gallo is set to graduate in 2023 with a communication degree. 

“While I’m not sure exactly where I see myself once I graduate, I know that I want to spend a lot of my life traveling the world and taking pictures,” she said.

Though Samantha Gallo’s plans for the future are unknown, she has found a home here at Lynn just like her grandfather. 

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