Ali Wins Nobel Prize

Ethiopian Prime Minister Wins The Nobel Peace Prize

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali recently won the Nobel Peace Prize for the pivotal role he played in ending the 20-year war between Ethiopia and Eritrea. 

“I am humbled by the decision of the Norwegian Nobel Committee. My deepest gratitude to all committed and working for peace. This award is for Ethiopia and the African continent. We shall prosper in peace,” said Ali to CNN.

The Nobel Peace Prize is a prestigious prize given to those who have done extraordinary work around the world in bringing peace to their countries. The award recognizes the hard work and advocacy of world leaders, with many members of the Nobel Peace Prize committee coming together every year to determine who should be awarded the prize.   

“The Prime Minister deserves the prize for his role in ending the conflict – a largely pointless war over disputed border territory that came at a huge financial and human cost to both countries,” said Awol Allo, a fellow Ethiopian and associate professor of law at Keele University in Britain, to CNN. 

Ethiopia and Eritrea had been at war for 20 years because the countries share a border with each other. Ali took the initiative to end the conflict once and for all by orchestrating a meeting with Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki to create and sign a joint statement declaring the end of the war. 

“The two countries are no longer in the state of war. Families have been reunited because flights are now running between the two countries. Relations that have been severed for 20 years have been rekindled,” said Allo to CNN. 

The Nobel Peace Prize ceremony takes place in Oslo, Norway on Dec. 10. The Nobel laureates will be recognized for their achievements and given their awards, and the king and queen of Norway will attend the ceremony in addition to the Nobel Peace Prize committee members. 

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