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D’Esposito Grows Fashion And Retail Association

Sophomore Izzy D’Esposito recently became president of Lynn’s fashion and retail association (FRA).

From a young age, D’Esposito loved fashion.

“When I was three years old, I picked out my own outfit and went downstairs and showed my mom as if I were in a fashion show. From that moment, I knew that I wanted to have a career in fashion,” said D’Esposito.

When D’Esposito arrived at Lynn her freshman year, she noticed the booth for the FRA at the involvement fair. After attending the FRA’s first meeting, D’Esposito was hooked.

“I remember sitting with my journal from day one: taking notes, jotting down ideas. I was serious,” said D’Esposito.

Last spring, the position of FRA secretary was open. Nervous but eager to be a leader within the association, D’Esposito applied for and was granted the position. Once D’Esposito’s term as FRA secretary came to an end, she decided to run for president.

D’Esposito remembers saying to herself several semesters ago: “When I am a senior, it will be my goal to try to be president.” At the time, D’Esposito had no idea she would become FRA president her sophomore year.

As FRA president, D’Esposito helps create, design and lead fashion shows. The FRA’s upcoming show is the pool fashion show on Thursday, Nov. 7.  Currently, the FRA is in fashion construction month.

Fashion construction month focuses on the production of any upcoming events or shows, and the FRA meets every week during construction month.

D’Esposito is excited to bring attention to the FRA. She strongly believes fashion has the ability to change someone’s life, and she hopes to inspire others with the FRA’s work.

“Aspects of fashion are expressed in so many ways, through photography, art history, culture, religion, it can increase your confidence, and give you the freedom or fortitude to express who you are,” said D’Esposito.

As president, D’Esposito aims to include anyone who is interested in the FRA, spread the word about the FRA all over campus and inspire a love of fashion in those that didn’t know they had it before.

To get involved with the FRA, email D’Esposito:

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