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New Chapter of Organization Starts At Lynn

This semester Lynn welcomes HER Campus, an online magazine, for female college students looking for a safe space to talk about trending topics.

Janelle Fernandez, the founder of the Lynn Chapter, pitched the idea to bring HER Campus to Lynn. Evans created a team of students at Lynn by spreading the word and reaching out to close friends.

Jayla Hall, Paige Garrison, Chelbie Smith and Danika Bao became members of HER Campus and took on different roles to help Evans make this chapter possible. Since then, Lynn’s Chapter has continued to grow.

“Although this magazine targets female college students, HER Campus is not gender exclusive,” said Garrison, senior. “It is a great way to bring women in college of different demographics together and talk about things from fashion to politics to issues regarding the female body.”

Hall is the editor for Lynn’s Chapter, and Bao is the social media editor. Gardith Desauguste runs marketing for HER Campus at Lynn. Evans oversees the projects and visions of HER Campus and continues to spread the word about this organization.

“HER Campus caters the needs of creative females on Lynn’s campus,” said Garrison. “Lynn has so many clubs, but HER Campus is far different than what we have.”

HER Campus creates a safe space for students to speak about several different topics. Garrison, the events coordinator for HER Campus, is preparing the Lynn Chapter’s first event this October.

“HER Campus is so popular everywhere with amazing sponsors, so not only does it bring positive attention to Lynn, but it opens doors for networking for females at this school,” said Garrison. “Again, we are not gender exclusive, and we love having guys on our team to give us different perspectives.”

HER Campus is always looking for new members and encourages Lynn students to get involved. If you are looking to become a member of HER Campus, go to their Instagram page @hercampuslynn to sign up. For other information about Lynn’s Chapter, visit hercampus.com.

Kelly Marmo

Kelly Marmo is a sophomore majoring in communications and design. Marmo has a love for journalism, advertising and public relations, which all led her to become a member of iPulse. Outside of iPulse, Marmo’s interests include music, exercise and photography.

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  • September 13, 2020 at 11:20 pm

    The editor in chief is Janelle Fernandez, not Janelle Evan’s.

    Great article, though!


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