Hard Work Pays Off

Lynn Athlete Impresses On And Off The Field

Lynn soccer player Shay Brennan brings talent, drive and discipline to the field, but the ideals he cultivates off the field – hard work, bravery and strength – inspire students and other athletes even more.

“In adversity, we don’t rise to pressure, we just sink to the level of our training,” said Brennan.

Before becoming the talented soccer player he is today, Brennan faced many arduous obstacles. Brennan was released from a professional team at the age of 18, his good friend in England passed away and he had to adjust to playing soccer in an entirely new environment and culture, but Brennan successfully navigated every challenge life threw at him. Where many would have crumbled under similar circumstances, Brennan worked hard and rose above these obstacles.

“Work harder,” said Brennan. “Whether its staying after practice or not going out and partying. Do whatever it takes to become better because when you work hard and do the things that no one else is willing to do, it is then [that] you will do great things that no one else has done.”

For Brennan, soccer is not just a game, it is his life. When his teammates are taking a break during half time, he is one of the very few who remain on the field to run drills. When his teammates are running to the locker room after practice, he is the only one that remains on the field to continue practicing.

“All it takes is self-discipline,” said Brennan. “To improve as an athlete, one must develop self-discipline.”

According to Brennan, the little things like practicing longer or sacrificing one’s social life make all the difference in how athletes perform. When all is said and done and the game is over, Brennan knows as he walks off the field that he will be remembered as a hardworking, passionate and dedicated player and a tough competitor to beat.

Jayla Hall

Jayla Hall is in her first year of the 3.0 accelerated degree program, where she is majoring in multimedia journalism and minoring in public relations. After college, Hall plans to pursue a career in broadcasting, perhaps as a host for E! News.

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