Getting Fit On Campus

Students Participate in New Fitness Classes

Lynn students are staying active on campus by taking advantage of the new classes offered at the fitness center.

“Last year I would go off campus to Slash for my workouts,” said Tara Lunsford, senior. “I liked going there because they offered different workout classes.”

Unlike last year, the fitness center now offers a wide variety of classes led by trained and certified professionals. Students can sign up for bootcamp, boxing, ab circuits, yoga, Zumba and personal training sessions as the semester continues. As of right now, bootcamp, ab circuits, and personal training sessions are already being offered.

“Signing up for Bootcamp was honestly the best decision I’ve made this semester,” said Max Gold, junior. “I like Bootcamp because I don’t have to keep going on social media to find different workouts anymore, and I have an instructor that encourages me to not give up during the workouts.”

In order to partake in these classes, students simply show up to the class of their choice during the scheduled times. All classes are free except for personal training sessions. For many, the price for personal training is ideal for a college student budget, and previous students’ results from on-campus personal training motivate current students even more to sign up.

“As soon as I finished the personal training sessions I paid for at LA Fitness, I switched to coming to campus for training,” said Silka Dyett, senior. “A lot of my friends were telling me that I needed to start coming with them because the classes were fun, challenging and free.”

Despite it being the beginning of the semester, classes like Bootcamp have already shown success in terms of the number of daily participants. The number of participants for personal training have been increasing as well.

For more information about fitness classes on campus, visit the fitness center on the first floor of the Lynn Residence Center or call the fitness center at 561-237-7732


Jayla Hall

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