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Lynn University’s First 40

At the beginning of each new academic year, Lynn’s Center for Student Involvement puts together a group of events called the First 40 for all incoming freshmen.

As indicated by the name, the First 40 consists of exciting programs, games, events, and fairs taking place during the first 40 days of each Fall semester. Some of these events include guest speakers on campus, trivia night, comedians, and tie-dyeing shirts.The First 40 aims to immerse freshmen in their new home and welcome returning students back to their beloved community.

“Our mission was to help students to find connection because the first few weeks of school can be a lot, so making students find connections around campus was our biggest mission,” said Jaclyn Kuwik Buttacavoli, assistant dean for the Center for Student Involvement.

During the First 40, two teams, the blue knights and grey knights, faceoff to showcase their Lynn spirit in an interactive competition called Battle of the Fighting Knights. This competition encourages students to experience the First 40, join clubs and organizations, and utilize the resources provided for student success on campus. At the end of the First 40, the winning team earns prizes such as mini-fridges, air diffusers, and much more.

A significant and exciting part of attending these events is receiving free goodies such as Lynn t-shirts, water bottles, and gift cards. Even though only one team will win the Battle of the Fighting Knights, everyone can win prizes at almost all of these spectacular events. The winner of the Battle of the Fighting Knights will be announced Oct. 5.

For more information about the First 40, please visit the Center for Student Involvement on the second floor of the University Center.

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