Tips And Tricks To Escape Rain


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Living in Florida, one would think that everyone on campus would carry an umbrella, but a surprising amount of students forgo an umbrella and simply run for cover when it rains or hide indoors until it passes.

Some students do not carry an umbrella at all times as it takes up too much space and is too bulky to constantly carry around. Many chose to leave in it a nearby location, such as a car or resident hall.

“I don’t carry an umbrella,” said Ian McGowan, sophomore. “It takes up way too much space so what I do is keep it in my car, but I do not carry it around.”

“I keep it in my car,” said James Mitchell, alumni. “However, it never seems to rain for me but if it does I will just wait wherever I am at the moment until it slows down.”

“I do not carry an umbrella around,” said Rafael Lapa, sophomore. “It is too big so if it starts raining I will simply just run to my car.”

Some students only carry around an umbrella when a stormy day is forecast or if the sky is gray and cloudy.

“If it definitely looks like it’s going to rain then I would bring one because I do not want to get wet,” said Jessica Burke, junior. “But if it doesn’t, then I won’t bring one.”

“It also depends on the day for me,” said Evan DiChiara, freshman. “When I first wake up and it looks disgusting out, then I would bring one just in case.”

Other Lynn students carry an umbrella around at all times and are fully prepared in the event of a sudden down pour.

“I do carry an umbrella,” said Benjamin Hagen, sophomore. “It literally just rained on me yesterday.”

A few students decided to carry an umbrella in order to avoid having to result to wearing unflattering garments.

“Yes, I carry an umbrella,” said Maria Kirkhan, freshman. “I mean it definitely looks cuter than a poncho.”

While some students decide not to carry an umbrella because it weighs too much, others carry one depending on the weather conditions or fashion choices, or even because it rained yesterday, everyone at Lynn had a different opinions on carrying their umbrella and to avoid getting completely soaked.


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