Nicole Drummond, a sophomore majoring in film and television, has put her personable skills to use through her various roles on campus.

Drummond arrived at Lynn as a freshman in 2017, unsure if she even wanted to be involved in the numerous organizations on campus. Her motivation to do so quickly turned to finding a job to pay for her own expenses, as well as gaining work experience while pursuing her education. 

“Originally, I just needed a job and I wanted to make phone calls at night,” she said. “Kevin [Studer], my boss, saw something in me. I became a tour guide; I loved being able to talk with people and trying new things.” 

After landing a position as a tour guide and tele-ambassador for the Office of Admission, Drummond felt she could do more to make an impact around campus. She then chose to join Feminist Fridays, weekly meetings held in the library for those looking to discuss women’s rights and equality. 

“I serve as a co-facilitator of Feminist Fridays,” said Drummond. “I love seeing and meeting new people that come every week, especially with the discussions we have and the laughs we share.”

Though it has proven challenging, Drummond has found the balance in managing her leadership roles on campus alongside her work obligations. As she notes, her lofty responsibilities have been remarkably rewarding thus far.

“I would totally recommend students to get involved and meet new people. Challenge yourself and do things that are slightly out of your comfort zone,” said Drummond. “To grow as people, this is something we all need. Getting involved is the first step.” 

As she prepares for the homestretch of her second year at Lynn, Drummond looks forward to leaving her mark on campus through a wide array of departments. Having seen the benefits of getting involved first-hand, she has found her purpose in helping and encouraging others. 

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