With today’s Earth Day celebration, students across campus are doing their part to help the community in small yet incredibly valuable ways.

By attending an eco-friendly institution, many Lynn students have had the opportunity to live sustainably for months or years now.  However, some have made a particular point to give back, either through cutting out plastic straw use or reducing the amount of time they spend in the shower.

“I plan on walking around my apartment complex and picking up any loose litter that I find,” said Danielle Jacobus, sophomore. “I also plan on separating the trash into two piles, one for garbage and one for recyclables.”

An ideal representation of Lynn’s own environmentally friendly approach to facilities, many of the university’s buildings have received LEED certifications by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC).  Most recently, the Perper Residence Hall was honored with the LEED Silver certification.

“I think it’s great how much Lynn cares about planet Earth, and it’s great that they’re trying to reduce energy consumption through the various facilities across campus,” said Phoebe Schiff, sophomore. 

With Earth Day standing as one of the most important holidays on the campus according to Lynn students, the upcoming celebration will honor how numerous individuals across the community choose sustainability on a daily basis.  By pushing forward for resourcefulness and environmental quality, the university truly promotes a healthy, highly efficient and cost-saving environment.

If Lynn’s own standard of promoting environmental sustainability is any indication, Fighting Knights alike have been given an ideal culture in which to grow and give back. As Earth Day arrives, look to these students and more as symbols of individual determination and mindfulness.

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