Natalia Narvaez, senior, has served in numerous capacities since her freshman year in 2016.  With these roles, she has developed a passion for the campus community and encourages others to also seek employment at Lynn. 

Narvaez began working at Lynn as a student ambassador for the Office of Admission, where she serves extensively alongside the campus visit experience team.  She has also worked with the Center for Student Involvement (CSI) and the Operations Team for Orientation during her time at the university.  

With that, Narvaez has identified the top benefits associated with on-campus employment:

Getting Involved

By working on campus, Narvaez has had the opportunity to learn more about events through engaging with others.  As a result, she feels more involved and part of the Lynn community.


Narvaez suggests she has developed a deeper relationship with countless fellow Fighting Knights since joining alongside the university’s various departments.

Becoming More Culturally Diverse

“I’m able to interact with students from all over the world, and I absolutely love that because it contributes to me becoming more of a world citizen,” said Narvaez. 


As a residential student worker, Narvaez has the pleasure of working without any associated transportation expenses. 

Personal Growth

“I grew as a person with all the skills acquired,” said Narvaez. “Comparing who I was my first year to now, I surprise myself by how much my jobs have contributed to my personal growth.”

Simpler Job Search

With the difficult job search process many college students can run into, employment while in school can simply become overwhelming before it even begins. Narvaez acknowledges that both international and domestic students have the ability to work on campus, lessening some of the burden.

Monetary Gain 

For all on-campus employment, students are compensated for their work in some fashion. Depending on the position, students have the opportunity to receive tuition assistance as well. 

Flexible Schedules 

Knowing the hectic life that comes with being a college student, the departments at Lynn look to accommodate scheduled hours around one’s class load. For an individual as involved as Narvaez, this is one of the best perks. 

Resume Builders

By working on campus, Narvaez has established a resume that sets her apart from others, due in part to the wide range of skills that the available positions teach. 

Lasting Friendships

“Through my time serving at Lynn, I have made friendships that I know are going to last a lifetime,” said Narvaez. 

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