Hitting The Big Screen

Previewing 2019’s Highly Anticipated Movies

By Javai Brown

Staff Writer

As the nation recovers from the recent Academy Awards blitz, additional highly anticipated movies are set to delight audiences in the height of film season.

“Us,” a psychological mystery about a family getaway gone dangerously wrong, recently hit theaters and received a raucous response from thrill-seekers.  Neka Innocent, a senior, eagerly awaited the movie. 

“I like horror movies that have suspense and I think that it will keep people wanting to know what’s next,” said Innocent.  “The timing following the Oscars is also genius.”

Even with the excitement surrounding “Us” and other scary films, the nostalgic Disney movies set for release in the heat of the summer have moviegoers buzzing.

“Toy Story 4,” Is set for release in theaters June 21.  The classic franchise seeks to continue the story with which many grew up, but early screenings of the film have yielded mixed reviews.  The creative minds behind “Toy Story 4” have set a high bar for themselves, and fans cannot wait to see if the movie meets expectations.

“Toy Story 3’ kind of ended everything, so I’m curious about what they can do in this installment,” said Emily Gitow, junior. “As long as they don’t ruin the franchise’s legacy, most people will be pleased.”

Disney has remade movies into live-action creations for years and plans to release even more in the next decade.  Its next remake, “The Lion King,” is scheduled to premiere July 19.  Complete with a diverse cast of celebrities, including Seth Rogen, Donald Glover and Beyoncé Knowles-Carter, the live-action version looks to bring the brand’s lovable characters to life.

Between “Us,” the updated version of “The Lion King” and the latest edition in the “Toy Story” series, it looks as if the 2019 film award cycle will begin with a multitude of strong pieces.  Regardless of their preferences, moviegoers can rest assured they will not be disappointed.

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