With spring break quickly approaching, students choosing to stay on campus for the week are actively looking for activities that will keep them entertained while enjoying the time away from school.

Students who are staying on campus can begin their agenda by planning to relax. A great way to stay stress-free is by visiting the various beaches around Boca or by taking a dip in the Lynn pool. For those seeking to be productive during the break, they can catch up on homework at the Boca Public Library, just more than one mile away.

“I like staying here for spring break because there’s nothing better than south Florida weather in March,” said Reyna Wilhem, senior. “I like to relax at the pool, go to the beach and catch up on my sleep.” 

Others can spend time by volunteering, visiting the nature center and exercising. Although the Lynn fitness center is not open during spring break, there are numerous hiking trails one could take for a great workout. Some of Boca’s main hiking trails include Pondhawk Natural Area, Patch Reef Trail and Yamato Scrub Natural Area. 

“Since the Lynn gym is closed during break, I like to keep busy by going on a hike. It is so relaxing,” said Yaren Ay, junior. “My favorite one to go to is the Patch Reef Trail.”  

Some students looking to be adventurous have taken a trip to Miami or Key West in the past. Those without a car can save money by using the U-Haul Car Share program on campus. The program is available 24/7 and allows students to reserve a car by the hour or per day.

“For spring break, I’m most definitely going to Miami. I love going sightseeing, shopping, exploring different restaurants and going to the beach down there,” said Ay.  

Sometimes, the idea of staying on campus for spring break can appear boring. Whether students embrace the beach, the pool or the beautiful scenes of nature, though, south Florida has something for everyone. 

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