Rebel House, a Boca Raton hotspot with an eclectic menu, recently diversified its options to better suit the needs of the local vegan community. 

The new choices cover all aspects of the dining experience – appetizers, entrees and desserts. 

“Rebel House is my go-to first date restaurant,” said Ali DiTuro, frequent customer and Boca resident.  “Now with added vegan options, I will be able to explore new dishes and keep my dates happy regardless of their dietary needs.”

To begin the vegan meal experience at Rebel House, one can start with the mashed avocado and pea guacamole, topped with a charred ramp salsa served with sweet potato and celery root chips. 

“I absolutely loved the sweet potato and celery root chips,” said Shainia Goldman, local vegan food enthusiast.  “They were a bit soft and chewy, but still sturdy enough to pile on the guacamole.”

For the main course, Rebel House offers roasted cauliflower, consisting of a plate of cauliflower-cocoa purée, chili pepper, apricot chutney, mint, curry aioli and coconut.  Diners may also opt for the black truffle and English pea agnolotti with roasted tomato, mushroom ragu, lemon and corn silk. 

Rebel House also offers a vegan, gluten-free peanut butter blondie, made with chickpeas and topped with dark chocolate as well as coconut gelato. 

“This dessert tasted like a perfect chocolate chip cookie, covered with ice cream,” said Julia Miller, senior.  “It left my sweet tooth satisfied, which is hard to accomplish.”

Those seeking both a healthy and tasty meal in Boca may visit Rebel House at 297 E. Palmetto Park Rd.  For more information about the menu, please visit

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