How Students Celebrate The Thanksgiving Spirit On Campus


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Going home for Thanksgiving break can be a challenge for many students; however, some manage to keep the spirit alive when not returning home for the holiday.

Lynn is home to a large number of international students and those with homes outside of Florida, making it difficult for them to travel home for the week-long break. Plus, the winter break only three weeks later heightens the pressure on students when deciding whether to head home in mid-November.

“I would love to go back to New Jersey,” said Chelbie Smith, junior. “But, I think it might be pointless for me. I work locally and winter break is shortly after. I will have a ‘Friendsgiving’ with my friends here, so it runs a close second to being home.”

As Smith mentioned, Friendsgiving is a way for many students on campus to make the best of the situation. In fact, Elmore Dinning Commons employees prepare a special dinner for those choosing to stay on campus.

“I don’t think staying is a total bust. I go home often; while I do miss my family, I don’t mind staying here with my friends,” said Crystal Grady, junior. “I went home my freshman year and had to stay my sophomore year, so I just might stay as well this year.”

With the hectic work schedules of many Lynn students and countless other obligations, heading home for the week-long break simply is not feasible for some. Friendsgiving, FaceTime, Skype and Lynn’s annual alternative fall break trip are ideal ways to stay busy during the holiday.

“Not having the chance to return home is fine by me. I see my family together often outside of Thanksgiving,” said Ke’vona Phillips, junior. “I know multiple individuals partake in the alternative fall break trip as a way to embrace the holiday in South Florida.”

As always, the best way to enjoy Thanksgiving on campus is to join other students. Regardless of the activity, event or dining option, Phillips, Grady and Smith all show that it only takes a bit of effort to make the best of the holiday away from home.

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