The Jack Beqaj Endowment Fund, named after Lynn senior Jack Beqaj, has raised more than $1 million for medical research.

Beqaj has a unique medical history.  At age five, he was diagnosed with Rasmussen’s encephalitis, a rare inflammatory neurological disease with symptoms that include severe seizures, loss of motor skills and muscle.

Despite the rarity of his condition, Beqaj overcame seemingly bleak odds.  With the help of his family, physical therapists and the staff at  The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) in Canada, he has continued to beat expectations in the face of medical crisis.

After seeing the impact SickKids had on their son’s life, the Beqaj family began the Jack Beqaj Endowment Fund in 2007.  Since its inception, the foundation has raised $1,130,785.

“The major goal of the foundation is to support a lecture series that brings some of the best in the world to Toronto’s SickKids,” said Beqaj.

By providing cutting-edge technology and uniting the world’s leading experts, the fund’s founders hope to aid children with conditions similar to Beqaj’s.  All the while, they look to pave the way for future treatments through rigorous research.

“The future of the foundation lies in continuing to bring the most innovative medical researchers together to share their findings,” said Beqaj.  “The more people that share ideas, the more likely we are to have medical breakthroughs.  We hope that the research the foundation funds will help find more accurate ways to treat seizures of all types.”

By overcoming insurmountable odds, Beqaj has continued to push his own medical limits.  He never has allowed his condition to undermine his ability or limit his potential.  With the foundation, he hopes to see a day in which all individuals with these medical restraints can live as freely as they desire.

For more information on the Jack Beqaj Endowment Fund and to donate, visit:  www.sickkidsdonations.com/registrant/personalPage.

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