Emily Weisberg, graduate student, excelled in her final season as a member of the Lynn women’s soccer program.

Weisberg’s college career recently came to an end following the team’s season finale against Nova Southeastern.  The defensive star contributed greatly to the program, totaling 12 goals and 12 assists throughout her career as a Fighting Knight.

For many, serving as a student athlete is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.  All the early morning practices, locker room traditions and late-night bus rides returning from road games are part of the journey.  As Weisberg acknowledges, the memories and friendships these athletes cultivate during their college careers makes for a bittersweet ending.

“Going in as the underdog and beating some of our rivals, like Barry and Tampa, were some of the best moments,” said Weisberg.  “Those are the times I will always remember many years later.”

When she joined the soccer program in 2015, the thought of her collegiate career coming to a close seemed like a distant proposition.  Three years later, her new reality of life after soccer has begun to hit home.  Still, Weisberg finds comfort in knowing she will continue to be involved with the sport to which she has dedicated countless years.

“People aren’t lying when they say these four years fly by,” said Weisberg. “I know soccer will always be around me, so it’s not a goodbye forever.  I look forward to staying involved with soccer, whether as a coach, playing at the professional level or even just watching my kids play one day.” 

Now that the soccer season is over, Weisberg has much more downtime.  She plans to embrace her final few months of graduate school before pursuing the possibility of playing at the professional level.

“I plan on taking it day by day, working out with [Lynn affiliate] FTX Sports Performance to stay in shape and spending a lot of time at the beach,” said Weisberg.

After graduating in May with an MBA in marketing, she hopes to venture into the international level of professional soccer. 

Nia Perkovich

Nia Perkovich, a Coral Springs native, is currently studying advertising and public relations. After graduation, Perkovich hopes to land a job at any well-known public relations firm to realize her life goals.

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