As a fifth-year student at Lynn, things can seem repetitive, making it hard to stay motivated, but Donish Henry-Cole is making the best out of her final semester.

Starting at just 5-years-old, Henry-Cole clearly had talent. From her long legs and fast feet, she was more than capable to make it the next level and she did. Throughout her high school years, Henry-Cole moved around, attending about eight schools. When her high school days started to dwindle down and with college right around the corner, she did not have many options.

Henry-Cole came to Lynn to see if Cally Morrill, head coach, women’s soccer, would be interested; Coach Morrill recruited Henry-Cole without even watching her play. It was also Coach Morrill’s first recruit for the Lynn’s women soccer program.

“My gut feeling is telling me you are a good person and I should recruit you,” said Morrill.

Henry-Cole remembers the impact Coach Morrill made on her and remains grateful for the opportunity that coach Cally gave her. “I am so thankful, she had blind faith in me when others didn’t,” Henry-Cole said.

During her freshman year at Lynn, she redshirted, and was ineligible to play, but she kept her head in the game knowing that people around her that believed in her. “Having someone believe in you knowing they basically know nothing about you, makes you want to be a better person and player,” said Henry-Cole.

Her sophomore year was even harder. Henry-Cole began the season with ten starts and five goals; then she broke her wrist and was out for the rest of the season. All she wanted to do was play, and when junior year came along, Henry-Cole knew it was the season for her. She won countless awards including First team Sunshine State Conference 2017 and Most Valuable Player.

She is making a difference for the team in 2018. As one of the captains, she is continuously working hard.

Henry-Cole wants to leave a legacy and “make Cali proud.”

After college, she plans to move to San Francisco and continue playing soccer.

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