Alex Rogoff has had a fun-filled experience at Lynn through his involvement on campus, excursions abroad and participation in Lynn sports. 

Following his passion for sports, Rogoff got involved with the Lynn tennis team during his sophomore year and has been the team manager for three years. He primarily worked with the men’s athletics team  but has recently been helping to train the women’s athletics team under head coach Mike Perez. 

“[I have loved this experience] because I have the inside workings of college athletics as well as relationships I have built with the athletes, who are [now] very close friends as [is] Coach Mike. [These friendships] will last a lifetime,” said Rogoff. 

His involvement in the community does not stop at tennis, though. He belongs to a fraternity, participates in multiple internships and volunteers whenever possible on campus. 

In addition to his participation throughout campus, Rogoff took the opportunity to study abroad for a semester in Australia. His experience there was anything but ordinary. Working, taking in the scenery and meeting new connections were the most memorable parts of his overseas experience. 

“My biggest takes were the friendships and how awesome Australia was,” said Rogoff. “If I could do [anything in my Lynn career] over, I would have spent one more semester in Aulstralia.”

After embracing all the opportunities that Lynn offered him as a student over the last four years, Rogoff is confident and ready for the next chapter of his life. His plan is to follow his major in sports management, and he is setting the bar high as he jumps into the working world. 

“[Post-graduation,] I am working for a company called Professional Sports Publications out in Scottsdale,  Arizona,” said Rogoff. “I will be selling advertising space to the NCAA, NASCAR, NBA, MLB, NFL and NHL.”

This Fighting Knight will have his own fans rooting for him in this next phase of life!

Nikki Colonna

Nikki Colonna is a senior student athlete from Miami, set to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in multimedia journalism and a minor in psychology. Colonna plans to go into the world of journalism, using her writing skills to promote businesses through social media platforms.

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