Kelly Marmo recently embarked on a journey of a lifetime. Marmo, currently a junior, decided to take her studies overseas to Florence. With a passion for adventure and travel, Marmo wanted to share her experiences with her fellow peers. 

“Traveling to Italy has always been a dream of mine, when I stepped off the plane in Florence I knew I made the best decision of my life,” said Marmo. “I encourage everyone to step out of their comfort zone and just enjoy this beautiful world we live in.”

Originally from a small town in New Jersey, Marmo knew it was the perfect opportunity to trade the pines for some palm trees. Marmo did the move down to sunny South Florida during the summer of 2016, to begin college at Lynn. 

Traveling to Europe has always caught her attention. Learning about the different cultures and lifestyles made her curious about what life would be like if she was given the opportunity. Marmo took matters into her own hands and applied at the Center for Learning Abroad. After countless days waiting for an acceptance, Marmo was accepted for the Fall 2018 semester at Florence University of the Arts.

“The first several days here in Florence took a little while to get used to, with the time change and the different way of life here,” said Marmo. “ I was so excited to wake up each day and explore and make new memories in the beautiful city I get to call home for the next four months.” 

Marmo hopes that she can share her different experiences with her fellow classmates by sharing photos of different destinations on her social media accounts. Coming from a university that is known for being extremely diverse, Marmo hoped to get a better understanding of the different cultures and countries that many of her fellow classmates call home. 

“I have met some of the most amazing people during these last couple weeks, and everyone should be able to have the experience what I am!” said Kelly. “I want everyone to take my advice and travel the world, make new friends, explore different cultures, and not forget to live every moment to its full potential.”

Marmo will soon travel to different countries such as Barcelona, Ireland and Paris, continuing to make lifelong memories on her semester abroad. 

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