Admission: Expanding Year By Year: Increase in Applications Leads Lynn to Become a More Selective University

By Francesca De Nes

Staff Writer

The Lynn Office of Admission is grounded in the initiative to align themselves upon the small and individualized atmosphere here at Lynn. By maintaining the concept for daily visits through individualized, one-on-one tours there has been an influx of applicants, increasing admission records each year.

Kevin Studer, alumnus and campus visit experience assistant, has been working in the Office of Admission since May of 2017. Studer works alongside Tierra Thompson, the senior assistant director for the Campus Visit Experience, in order to ensure that all the daily visits run smoothly.

The small class feel and the relationships with teachers is one of the attributes of the Lynn atmosphere which they pride themselves on. The Office of Admission works so hard on creating this same atmosphere and matching the potential student to a tour guide of their same major.

They are placed based on where they are from or what extracurricular activities they are interested in. This ensures the student has an idea of what to expect and what life at Lynn is like.

“We are definitely becoming more selective about the students that are being brought in,” said Studer. “The enrollment will probably increase but we do want to keep the small school aspect. It is not like we want to grow to the point where we will have much larger classrooms because that is not the vibe that Lynn has ever had and that is not what we want. The admission process will be toughening which is great because we are going to have much stronger classes in the future.”

“We try to match the student and the tour guide in the best way possible. If the potential student is an athlete, he or she will be paired with a Lynn athlete just so in that way they are going to learn what their life is going to be like here right from the start,” Studer said.

Additionally, Admission uses the iPad initiative by “styling” or introducing prospective students to life at Lynn and their schedule for the day in a brief, but efficient manner.

“A word we like to use is that we are super ‘individualized,’” said Thompson. “When you get here it is about you and you alone, so you are not trying to ask questions amongst 80 other people. You have your own tour guide, your own admission counselor and we are creating a very personal experience for each student and seeing our admission visits grow in general.”

Lynn has become a model for academic innovation for other colleges through the diverse population and unique campus visits. The Office of Admission has been influential and a key factor in the large influx of recent applications and representing the culture, style and atmosphere that Lynn offers.

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