Senior Send-Off To Celebrate Those Leaving Lynn

By Brian Martin

Web Coordinator

With seniors set to graduate in the coming days, it is a time of both excitement and nervousness as those graduating will be entering the real world. And Student Involvement wants to acknowledge those individuals and celebrate them.

Student Involvement, beginning today, will be hosting Senior Send-Off, a series of events to celebrate graduating seniors by hosting events each day from today to tomorrow and from next Wednesday to Thursday.

“It’s a new initiative this year, our office wanted to have some activities specifically for seniors just to celebrate their time here at Lynn and send them off for the next phase of their life,” said Jaclyn Kuwik, coordinator for Student Involvement.

For today, the first event for Senior Send-Off will be the Fiesta Taco Truck that will be located on the Schmidt Lawn from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. There, seniors can get food and sit down with fellow classmates and staff. Other events will also be occurring throughout the week.

“So we just created a few new programs this year, one is the cap decorating, we always find at graduation that seniors have their caps decorated and some are very funny, some are really significant to the person,” said Kuwik. “So we’re having a space for students to [do this], so they can use our supplies and a chance to be together and celebrate that.”

The DIY Graduation Cap Decorating will be happening in the Student Center Lobby tomorrow from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Another event happening on May 9 is the Blessing of the Graduates at the Snyder Sanctuary beginning at 5 p.m.

“Another program we are also doing is the Blessing of the Graduates, so we’re inviting some of our spiritual elders across campus such as Mark Luttio, who oversees the Snyder Sanctuary, and Catholic Knights [as well as other religious figures on campus] who will basically be sharing some great words of wisdom and blessings to send graduates off into the real world and bless them as they encounter their future endeavors,” said Adler Marchand, coordinator for Student Involvement.

The last event will be Grill n’ Chill on May 10 from 7 to 9 p.m. in the Perper Residence Hall Clubhouse. With these events, Lynn is celebrating those who have managed to complete their undergraduate career in a fun manner.

“So we’re intentionally making these programs for graduating seniors, unlike various programs that we offer [to lower level classes] throughout the year, this is exclusively for them so it helps them feel special and gives them that time and opportunity to celebrate and reflect on their past few years here and be excited for their journey,” explained Marchand.

With the semester already coming to a close and seniors preparing to say goodbye to Lynn, these events are to help outgoing students end their collegiate journey on a high note. Student Involvement wants to ensure that graduating students can celebrate their time at Lynn in a way that commemorates the hard work these students have accomplished.

“I would say [to graduating seniors] just, from personal experience, just try not to compare yourself to others, it can be kind of a rat race feel as everybody is moving on to the next phase,” said Kuwik. “Just remember it’s gonna be okay, keep calm and do what’s best for you and something will work out for ya.”

“And my advice would be [as students transition from college to the real world], kind of take the time to reflect on their past three, four years here, because everything that they experience here at Lynn, whether it’s in the classroom or outside, have prepared them for what they are about to encounter in the real world,” said Marchand. “So just take the time to reflect and gain those experiences to help you continue on your journey.”

For more information about these events, students can use the Lynn Events app, visit the Student Involvement office or look at the flyers around campus.

Brian Martin

Brian Martin is entering his final semester and intends to make the most out of it. As his time with iPulse is coming to an end, Martin looks back on his previous years and cherishes all the experiences he has had in such a short period of time. Having received numerous academic accolades and partaking in different internships, including one with the Miami Herald, Martin is only striving to learn even more and succeed following his graduation this May. After graduation, he plans to move to Los Angeles and work for a pop culture news organization like IGN. Being a nerd at heart, his passions include playing video games and reading comics.

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