DMAC Students Make Stage Debut

By Maco Monthervil

Contributing Writer

Last fall, Lynn announced that it had signed an agreement to acquire the assets of Boca-based Digital Media Arts College (DMAC), whose programs would be added to Lynn’s then-College of International Communication, leading to the formation of the College of Communication and Design. 

This news was met with much excitement from all parties. Particularly, four DMAC students have maximized their experiences over the past few months as new Lynn students. 

Hedwyn “Jean” Lamy is a sophomore majoring in animation; he is an international student who lives in Miami and commutes to Lynn. Larry Bryant and Jahzeel Ramos are both graduate students studying visual effects. Ryan Dorival, another standout from DMAC, also lives in Miami and commutes with Lamy. 

When looking for a way to become involved with campus life in January, the four students expressed interest in Lynn’s Celebration of the Arts 2018. However, they learned that the audition dates for the show had already passed and the four had to put their minds together as to how they could take part in the show. 

“We met [Professor Simpson] and told her that we wanted to get involved. She was nice enough to reopen the auditions just for us,” said Ramos. 

Simpson was ecstatic about the students’ enthusiasm. With their excitement in mind, she added to the show’s lineup.

“They each started out with one song, and because of how awesome and committed they have been, they are now in several,” said Simpson.

“I had always heard of how welcoming everyone is at Lynn, but Professor Simpson’s willingness to help allowed me to experience it myself,” said Bryant.

While acknowledging the perks of becoming part of the Lynn community, the students also highlighted the importance of contributing to campus life. For example, all were encouraged to pursue leadership roles on campus. 

As a result, Lamy started the AIM Arts Club upon discovering the many students on campus that had an interest in animation. 

“We didn’t want to wait for things to happen for us, and we wanted to meet new people. That’s why we started the club, and that’s why we joined Celebration,” said Dorival. 

Being directly affected by the merging of two institutions could have been a difficult experience for these students. However, they managed to transition smoothly by anchoring themselves in campus life and becoming involved with Celebration of the Arts 2018.

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