Lynn Women’s Golf Team: Ready To Host And Compete

By Nikki Colonna

Staff Writer

The Women’s Golf Team is heading into the postseason hosting the Sunshine State Conference Golf Championship from Sunday, April 15 to Tuesday, April 17 at Osprey Point in West Boca.

The Women’s Golf team has had its fair share of challenges and streaks of success this season, but with the post-season here, stakes are higher and the pressure has escalated. The girls have banded together and met many of their individual and team goals.

Several have even made top-ten in their one-on-one matchups. The team hitting has improved overall, and they continually set the bar higher for each tournament.

“As a senior, its been rewarding to see all the girls grow as we have moved forward in the season,” said Jenny Ayala, senior. “We broke a school record this year and that was an amazing experience for all of us.”

Even though the team is very proud of what they have already accomplished thus far, they still worked harder each and every day to get better, starting in practice. With the upcoming postseason, there is no time to let up on their focus.

“[We work on the] technical drills that will help the swing stay consistent,” said Cristina Gutierrez, junior. “Outside of golf, we do workouts that emphasize in the muscles that contribute the most to our golf swing.”

The mental game is also a large component of the team’s success this season. The girls have focused strongly on movement and angles to mimic every single stroke that will allow them to be as prepared and as uniform as possible.

As individuals, the players all want to help improve one another and encourage each other to do what they can to lower their scores and perfect each swing they take.

As a team, they are aiming to attend nationals and set a new standard for their program. Getting the chance to attend nationals and achieving that goal would be an absolute dream.

“We have had a team goal together that our new team makes it through to nationals once again,” said Samantha Barber, senior. “We believe this team really could produce some amazing scores and we believe we could have a shot at winning nationals if we were given the opportunity to.”

Be sure to go out and support the women’s golf team this weekend in their conference championship.

Nikki Colonna

Nikki Colonna is a senior student athlete from Miami, set to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in multimedia journalism and a minor in psychology. Colonna plans to go into the world of journalism, using her writing skills to promote businesses through social media platforms.

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