Where Are Student’s Planning To Live Next Year

By Kat Milian & David Czarlinsky

Contributing Writer & Copy Editor

The office of Housing and Residence Life is making picking a room more exciting this year with raffles, giveaways, food and more. Students will have been able to select their living space on campus this week in the Elmore Dining Commons.

The department has changed the entire outlook of picking a room. Throughout the weeks leading up, employees of Housing and Residence Life have raised awareness for the event by tabling outside, playing music and handing out different giveaways.

“We recognize that it can be nerve-racking,” said Meagan Elsberry, director of Housing and Residence Life. “There is high anxiety throughout the process.”

Throughout the week in the Dining Commons, students have been able to come in with their randomized lottery number and pick whichever room they would like to choose for next year. Students with 60 credits or more and/or students who will be 21 or older in August are able to select a room in the new Mary and Harold Perper Residence Hall.

When students pick their room, they are eligible to participate in a raffle for different prizes. Some of the prizes consist of a Lynn blanket, a Lynn tumbler, a $25 gift card and assorted candy.

“We want to put people at ease and make it a comfortable atmosphere,” said Elsberry.

Many students are worried about having a roommate or roommates to live with next year.

Individuals do not need a roommate to go through the housing process. Still, students can pick a room and then have the opportunity to be placed with someone later. The student will answer a few questions about their lifestyle to have a better chance that their future roommate will make a great match.

Faith Thomas, a current resident assistant, gave her advice about picking roommates.

“Living with your best friend is not always the best choice,” said Thomas. “Never be afraid to meet new people. You will still have plenty of opportunities to hang out with your other friends.”

In order to participate in housing selection week, students must come to the Dining Commons at their designated time which is based on their lottery number. Lottery numbers are chosen at random and were given out by Housing and Residence Life on the second floor of the student center.

“I want to thank the students that want to come back and live with us,” said Elsberry. “I love seeing groups of people getting together and get excited about living together.”

Elsberry acknowledged that the process is very time-consuming from the back end, but it all pays off when a student gets their special room.

If students have any questions about housing selection they can see Meagan Elsberry or Hannah Link on the second floor of the student center. Students can also email them at MElsberry@lynn.edu and HLink@lynn.edu.

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