Lynn Hosts Employment Fair, Provides Students Prime Opportunity To Network

By Alli Mancini

Assitant Editor

This Wednesday, the Hannifan Center for Career Connections will be hosting its fourth annual employment fair from 3-5 p.m. in the Wold Lobby.

The Employment Fair provides students with opportunities to speak with employers about their organization, their career field, possible internships and even potential full or part-time positions.

Companies such as, ESPN West Palm Beach, Lexis Nexis and many more will be attending, as there are around 55 companies that have registered to be in attendance.

Before participating, the career center urges students to know which employers to connect with via research to make their interests a priority.

“The purpose of the Employment Fair is to provide students with the tools and resources to make important and valuable career decisions,” said Cameron Gill, internship and employment coordinator. “During the fair, students will take their vital first steps toward gaining employment by meeting with the employers face-to-face.”

Even if a student is not a senior or looking for a full-time job, they are still encouraged to sign up for the Employment Fair. For freshmen, it will be a great opportunity to start thinking about for whom they might want to work. For sophomores and juniors, it could prove immensely useful to begin seeking internships and part-time jobs.

Through the years, attending the Employment Fair has been beneficial for many. The event helps students improve their job search skills, practice effective communication skills and network.

“When I was a student at Lynn, I attended the Employment Fair twice,” said Audrey Theroux, coordinator of student engagement. “The first time I went was more for networking opportunities and to see the companies that were there. The second time I went, I met the company for which I ended up interning.”

The Employment Fair will be a quick and efficient way for students to meet with employers. It is different from the fall Internship Fair, as that event is mostly aimed at part-time and internship opportunities during the school year. Meanwhile, the Employment Fair focuses on summer and full-time positions.

The Career Connections team has highlighted basic things to remember when preparing for the fair:

“Create a plan for the day and dress professionally. Research the companies that will be there. Do not ask questions that can be found online. Remember this is a networking opportunity. Be prepared to answer questions about yourself.”

“I’m really excited about the Employment Fair because it’s such a great chance for us as students,” said Megan Selfridge, junior. “[The Career Connections office] has worked really hard to get employers and students interested. Everyone just wants the students to get the most out of it that they possibly could.”

Although pre-registration is recommended, it is not required. Students who do not sign up ahead of time can still attend the function.

To sign up, individuals can visit the Career Connections office on the first floor of the library or visit Career Connections on Instagram, @LynnUCareers.

Alli Mancini

Originally from Totowa, N.J., Alli Mancini is a second-year student enrolled in the 3.0 accelerated degree program, majoring in multimedia journalism. Her main focus is in sports journalism and broadcasting, as she always had a passion for sports growing up. Continually, Mancini has looked up to Erin Andrews and hopes to emulate her success.

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