Leaving Home To Pursue a Musical Path At Lynn

By Carlota Garcia

Staff Writer

Alexander Ramazanov, junior and trumpet player, is one of the 110 conservatory students at Lynn, a program known for being a predominantly international group.

Ramazanov was born in Ekaterinburg, Russia, but moved to Moscow when he was 13 years old. Moscow is at the heart of the Russian performing arts, with the Moscow International House of Music being well-known for its classical music performances. Ramzanov began playing his instrument at a young age and music shortly became second nature to him.

“I always loved the sound that a trumpet can produce,” said Ramazanov. “Maurice André is a major inspiration and is my favorite trumpet player. André is a French classical trumpeter, considered to be greatest of the century.”

Ramazanov found his way to Lynn through a deep desire to come to the U.S. The Lynn Conservatory provides full scholarships to students, granting students with a unique opportunity to improve their musical talents. Ramazanov is majoring specifically in Performance.

A regular day for the trumpet player begins with rehearsal, followed by classes, more rehearsal and ends with more practice along with homework. While his major requires individual effort, it relies a big deal on teamwork.

“Since the conservatory community is rather small, it’s easier to establish personal connections among students and it makes working together much easier,” Ramazanov said.

Besides classical music, Ramazanov enjoys all kinds of music, both to perform and to listen to, especially jazz. His dream is to become part of one of the major symphony orchestras in the U.S., commonly known as the Big Five.

These five include the New York Philharmonic, the Boston Symphony Orchestra and the Philadelphia Orchestra. He also expresses an interest in forming a brass quintet one day.

“Musicians and athletes share a lot of the same life principles,” said Ramazanov. “We both have to be persistent and dedicated if we want to succeed in life.”

As a junior, Ramazanov is looking forward to life after Lynn and showcasing what he has learned in the Conservatory to the rest of the music community.

Carlota Garcia

Carlota Garcia is a junior studying film and psychology. Originally from Spain, she finished her high school career in America. She is currently the co-president of the National Broadcast Society and the videographer of the Lynn club hockey team.

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