Quest Magazine Shows Off Lynn’s Creative Culture

ho By Brian Martin

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Quest Magazine is a Lynn magazine publication available in both print and digital format, featuring various creative works from the university community.

The publication is a way for any member of the Lynn family to show their creative side to readers who pick up the magazine.

“Quest is a combination of a literary and arts magazine for Lynn University,” said Professor Bonnie Bonincontri, who serves as editor of the magazine. “The contents are original and creative, and they are submitted by the students, faculty and staff – everyone part of the Lynn community.”

The publication is known for having a variety of different types of creative works. The whole project is worked on by a staff comprised of Lynn faculty and students, with Bonincontri in charge of overseeing the project. The variety of content allows the creators to be as open as possible to the type of works they can have published.

“As far as written content, [we publish] essays, poems and short stories,” said Bonincontri. “As far as the art, [we use a lot of] photography, drawings, paintings, digital work and, once we went digital three years ago, videos as well.”

With the differing types of works that Quest accepts, any feat by submitters is possible. This year will also have differing and new content never seen before by the publication.

“I think some of our submissions are a little different; we have two scripts, which we’ve never received before,” said Bonincontri. “We now have some submissions from DMAC students and DMAC faculty [because] they joined the Lynn community.”

With the large volume of content that goes into the Quest magazine, one may wonder how the publishers organize what they receive. Luckily, the makers of Quest know how to organize the content. The various works are divided into four sections: love, nature, life and dark.

“[When it comes to the first three sections], I think you understand. Regarding the dark section, it really accepts the darker side of people’s works,” said Bonincontri. “So, I don’t want students or staff to think that their work is too dark or too different because we accept that kind of content as well.”

With this week being the last week for submitting pieces, members of the Lynn community are encouraged to submit their creations by emailing Bonincontri at Quest hopes to have as much content as possible before the magazine debuts during the upcoming Celebration of the Arts. For those wishing to submit a potential cover for this year’s Quest Magazine, the deadline is March 14.


Brian Martin

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