Doughboy Gourmet Donuts Stays Fresh In Boca

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By Matt Mazzamaro & Sydney Lepselter

Assistant Editor & Contributing Writer

Food trends have permeated throughout the south county area from rolled ice cream to now mini donuts. Doughboy welcomed hundreds of donut enthusiasts recently to try free samples during their grand opening.

“Our donuts are made to order so they stay fresh as can be,” is the Doughboy motto.

The unique shop specializes in the articulate creation of gourmet style miniature donuts with custom twists and diverse flavors, complimented by locally sourced fresh coffee that is made-to-order. While this is the first business venture for the owners, the young donut connoisseurs have plans to share their culinary appreciation with the people of South Florida by expanding.

“We chose mini donuts because we wanted to add variety,” said Jimmy Ho, co-founder. “Who doesn’t like mini donuts? They’re small, cute and you never get tired of them.”

Doughboy was created with the intent of bettering the classics and introducing an Asian twist to the beloved dessert. Pockey sticks, green tea and Thai tea are just some of the specialties the shop incorporates into the two-bite treats. Different flavors of icing and coffee foster an infinite amount of possibilities for Doughboy to introduce to its customers.

“Every type of donut is so good, but my favorite was the one with the Fruity Pebbles,” said Ryan Blanshine, customer. “It’s a really unique and delicious combination of textures and flavors with the soft donut and the crunchy and sweet Fruity Pebbles.”

The sleek and modern layout combined with the classically unique flavors offers a one-of-a-kind feel for all guests. For more information, visit @godoughboy on Instagram and Facebook. Doughboy is located at 126 N.E. 2nd St. in Boca Raton and will be operating on seasonal hours throughout the holidays this month.

Matt Mazzamaro

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