Wellness Wednesday Introduces Student Educators

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By Jayla Hall

Staff Writer

The Women’s Center and Health Center have partnered together to introduce a new way of interactively teaching health and fitness by implementing a team of student educators.

In collaboration with Wellness Wednesday, the Health Center hosts a plethora of activities that incorporate health and wellness awareness around campus. Every Wednesday, trained student educators teach their peers about sexual health, stress, time management, healthy relationships, consent, nutrition and fitness.

“I would prefer having my peers teach me about these things rather than a much older person because it makes things less awkward and boring,” said Eric Merkel, junior.

To make learning about these different topics interesting and fun for the students, the educators have come up with intriguing activities such as having mannequins to point out “no touching zones” for sexual health, smoothie day for nutrition and even yoga for fitness.

“My favorite Wellness Wednesday was centered around stress and time management,” said Gabrielle Hall, freshman. “I got to create a time management schedule for myself and make a stress ball out of a balloon and sand.”

Holding events that encourage involvement helps students become more educated and aware of their health and wellness while having fun with their fellow peers. Activities such as these make students want to get involved with this program.

“I think it’s cool, I know I am even interested in being an educator because I want to get the training and learn more about it,” said Megan Selfridge, junior. “I think it’s a great opportunity, even for students to become educators, because then they learn about those things and they can better take care of themselves.”

There are many more activities planned throughout the semester. Wellness Wednesdays are held every week on campus whether it be in front of the Elmore Dining Commons or by the Fitness center.

Jayla Hall

Jayla Hall is in her first year of the 3.0 accelerated degree program, where she is majoring in multimedia journalism and minoring in public relations. After college, Hall plans to pursue a career in broadcasting, perhaps as a host for E! News.

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