Lumun Conference Reaches It’s Six Year Mark

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By Kaitlyn Frame


The Lynn University Model United Nations (LUMUN) Conference is entering its sixth year of operation. This event aims to unite not only the Lynn community, but also the South Florida community by allowing area high school students to participate.

LUMUN uses its platform not only to educate these high school students about the United Nations and geopolitical affairs but also about Lynn itself.

Recently, the LUMUN Conference hosted their seventh annual Model United Nations event, in which local high school students were eager to participate. This event allows the participants to act as the Security Council of the United Nations. Students were assigned to different countries and debated issues acting in accordance with the policies of that country.

“LUMUN brings together Lynn students with high school students to critically examine current world events from a myriad of perspectives,” said Professor Marcheta Wright, founder of LUMUN. “At the same time, it provides our students with an opportunity to advance their mentoring and leadership skills by helping the high school students.”

The LUMUN Conference started its journey as part of various courses taught by Dr. Wright. It then evolved into a credited class through the university. Students involved are prepared to understand the topics which the delegates (high school students) will discuss.

Additionally, members of the class must understand the logistics of being the Secretariat, which acts as the guide for the flow of debate.

“I was a part of running one of the two head tables at the LUMUN conference,” said Patrick Berton, freshman. “My job was to facilitate the debate between the high school students and their respective representations of their nation-states.”

In the coming years, the LUMUN organization hopes to continue integrating local students into the college atmosphere. Lynn students involved are eager to see what next year brings.

“I plan on attempting to continue my involvement with the LUMUN conference next year and I would like to see its size, scope and preparation continue to grow,” said Berton. “It is not only a great opportunity for the students on campus but it is also a tremendous opportunity for the high school students to experience as well.”

To find out more about how to get involved with the LUMUN conference, contact Professor Wright at

Kaitlyn Frame

Kaitlyn Frame, originally from Washington County, Pa., is a senior at Lynn in the 3.0 program, majoring in multimedia journalism. She has been involved in iPulse since the second semester of her freshman year and is a member of the Lynn Leadership Institution. She has also performed in Celebration of the Arts for the past two years, as well as other Lynn Drama productions including Cafe de Cave and Postcards from Paradise. Frame was a contributing student writer for the Palm Beach Post during the entirety of her sophomore year at Lynn and was lucky enough to have multiple articles published. Outside of school, she enjoys reading, traveling, photography, participating in musical theatre and playing multiple instruments including ukulele, guitar, piano and drums.

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