Harvey Weinstein Sexual Harassment Scandal

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By Emily Galvin

Video Producer

With the disturbing sexual abuse information that has come to light about director Harvey Weinstein this year, the conversation of sexual harassment in the work place and particularly in Hollywood is finally getting a voice.

Weinstein, up until few weeks ago, was one of the most respected people in Hollywood. However, he has now been accused of abusing his power and harassing females for years.

“I think it’s like entering any other field where harassment is unfortunately a part of the business world,” said Nicole Schrader, senior. “It’s sad but it’s something that has to be overcome. So, I have no more fear entering the film industry than any other.”

Weinstein was a strong supporter of Hilary Clinton during her campaign and his films show many strong female characters. Knowing all this, no one would think he was abusing his power behind the scenes.

“It’s not just, ‘Oh, guess what, this is what’s happening to women suddenly,’” said actress and activist Blake Lively. “This has been happening since the beginning of time, but now people are finally talking about it and I think that’s what’s important.”

A social media campaign recently came out by the name of “Me Too.” Any female who has been sexually harassed can post the phrase “me too” as Facebook status or tweet to show society how common sexual harassment is.

“If you look at Hollywood Reporter’s powerful women list, every single one of those women still reports to a man,” said Janice Min, former editor at Hollywood Reporter. “By some estimates, there are only six women who have first-look overhead producing deals at the studios.”

Female film students at Lynn are eager to change the “boys club” norm of the film industry. This scandal may be the first step to bringing change as women in industry have had enough.

Emily Galvin

Emily Galvin is a senior majoring in film and television. She has worked on multiple student productions, where she took on roles as editor, producer and cinematographer. Her wide array of interests have enabled her to cover various topics production. Along with her passion in film industry, she enjoys current events and journalism. As such, she is looking forward to collaborating with the others in the creative team and the editorial staff to ensure iPulse's continued success. While the task is a challenge, Galvin is fully ready to tackle it head on, knowing the position will better her possibilities down the road. The coming semester will be an invaluable experience for Galvin and the entire creative team as a whole.

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