Lynning And Winning Unite Across Campus

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By Jayla Hall

Staff Writer

Lynn students, faculty and staff are displaying school spirit whilst being creative and showing off their designs through the clothes they wear to sporting events.

Student-athletes, like members of the cross country and track team, often cheer on their fellow friends wearing their team shirts. Most recently, the team wanted to show support for the men’s soccer team loud and proud by sporting blue and white shirts at a home game.

“We just wanted to make sure that the men’s soccer team knew that we were there to cheer them on,” said Amanda Hennessey, freshman.

Even some of the staff members and alumni joined in on the school spirit. In fact, at the same soccer game, they decided to not take the normal route of just wearing a Lynn t-shirt. Instead, they took an interest in accessorizing their outfits with blue Fighting Knight bullhorns.

“We had to be the loudest ones at the game, and the only way we knew how was by bringing a bullhorn along with us,” said Ruth Benavides, staff member.

If one is feeling a bit daring, they can get inspiration from students such as William Hoffman, freshman. Hoffman is often seen painting his hair and body with gray, blue or white paint, while sporting blue shorts and suspenders. Wearing an outfit like this will guarantee an individual a spot in Lynn University’s growing list of most spirited Fighting Knights.

“I wanted to show everyone at my school how much I loved being a part of this university, and the only way I knew how was painting myself in my school colors,” stated Hoffman.

There are so many routes a fan can take to show their school spirit. The choices range from being comfortable to being loud, daring and wild. It does not matter what one chooses as long as they show up in some form of Fighting Knight gear.

Jayla Hall

Jayla Hall is in her first year of the 3.0 accelerated degree program, where she is majoring in multimedia journalism and minoring in public relations. After college, Hall plans to pursue a career in broadcasting, perhaps as a host for E! News.

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