Bedners Eighth Annual Fall Festival Now Open

By Elias Bustamante & Hadassa Delhomme

Contributing Writer & Editor-in-Chief

Bedners Farm Fresh Market, a local Boynton Beach farm, gives the joy to the community during the annual fall festival that runs through the whole month of October.

Eight years ago, Bedners Farm Fresh Market started with a festival that is now a fall tradition for the local community. This farm, located on State Road 7, started as a small event and as the years have gone by, has grown into a fall favorite because of its plethora of different activities offered throughout the month.

“It started eight years ago with only the pumpkin patch,” said Marie Bedner, owner. “It has grown into the corn maze, the vendors, the animals, the tours around the property and all the family activities around the 80-acre farm.” The farm has two locations, one in Delray and the other in Boynton Beach, the Boynton branch being the only one that offers the event.

The festival is far from slowing down as returning customers stay loyal to the pumpkin patch tradition. “On the weekends, we can get around 5,000 to 10,000 customers,” said Bedner. “Many people travel to come to our patch, even as far as Miami.” Although the fall festival is extremely popular, the farm is not only open for the fall season.

Throughout the different seasons, in addition to the farm, there is a fresh food market that stays open year-round. The farm is dedicated to constantly improving their crops and the offered activities as the seasons progress. “At the moment we are just starting our most popular season, but as time goes by we also change the crops,” said Bedner. “For example, sunflowers will grow where the pumpkins are now, that shows how we grow and improve.”

The fall festival will be open all month long until Oct. 29.

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