Lynn Drama Is Gearing Up For The New School Year

For many students at Lynn, the Wold Center for the Performing Arts is an important part of their day-to-day life. This building is home to theatrical majors and programs. These programs vary from acting, singing, dancing to other talents.

This year, there are a variety of theatrical productions that showcase the countless talented individuals that make up Lynn’s students, faculty and staff.

Café de Cave, a production run by Professor Harry Murphy, highlights those with a fondness for musical numbers. The theme of the show is “Songs Bigger than the Show,” in which the selection of musical numbers gained popularity, but are seldom known to have been derived from musical productions. The show differs from other types of theatrical productions.

“Café de Cave is an intimate casual café setting,” said Murphy, director. “It relies on music and song instead of a musical book or play text.”

The final show will take place tonight in the Black Box Theatre of the Wold at 7 p.m. tonight.

The next show this semester is “The Laramie Project,” directed by Professor Adam Simpson. The show centers on the aftermath of a hate crime tragedy and how a town resolves its numerous struggles. The productions this year vary from light hearted to tragic and sad, almost acting as opposites of each other.

“We have a very well balanced season this year,” said Simpson. “It will utilize the talents of all of our students, faculty and staff through both serious pieces and upbeat musicals.”

The spring semester will also be filled with numerous theatrical events, varying from an “Anti-Valentine” themed Café de Cave, to the annual Celebration of the Arts, which could be described as a variety of spectacular solo and group, vocal and dance numbers. Celebration of the Arts is the largest production performed by the Lynn Drama department and is directed by Carrie Simpson.

Being a Lynn student is about having passion. It’s about feeling connected to the campus, friends, fellow students and faculty that make up the college experience. For those interested in theatre, Lynn Drama productions are a great way to get involved in something greater and larger than life. It is a chance for students to grow and learn while doing something they love.

“I am especially excited to see how the Laramie project is played out and how the story it tells will touch the Lynn community,” said Paige Gilson, senior.

For anyone interested in being a part of any of the theatrical productions taking place at Lynn this year, contact Adam Simpson at, for more details.

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