Hurricane Season Is About To Hit


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As most Floridians know, summer is hurricane season. More specifically, June 1 to November 30 is when locals need to be at maximum readiness in case of a hurricane.

As the rest of the nation prepares for their summer holidays, locals prepare their homes and businesses for the summer storms. However, every summer many residents are caught out by hurricanes, so the time is now to prepare.

As many Fall 2016 students will tell you, campus closing for Hurricane Matthew was undoubtedly a daunting situation.

“It was a close call,” said Brain Kiel, senior and Lynn lacrosse player. “We were all pretty nervous when it looked like campus was going to take a direct hit.”

Luckily, Matthew, the most recent hurricane to pass near campus, missed by about 100 miles. However, hurricanes can cause power outages and serious damage to local infrastructure, so what can one do to be better suited to deal with a Hurricane?

According to a New York-based media outlet, every hurricane kit should include flashlights, a battery-operated radio, battery-operated lanterns, batteries of all sizes, sufficient bottles of water, a first aid kit and duct tape.

These items will help in case of power outages and in situations where residents need to contact local rescue services. Also, it is important to listen to the local news and weather reports to ensure one has up-to-date information. Fuel and food supply shortages are also commonplace in the days before a hurricane due to make landfall, it is important that locals are stocked up on supplies well before the threat is near.

As Floridians enjoy the sunshine-filled beaches of Boca Raton, the need for safety cannot be understated. With hurricane season on the brink, students should plan for security and safety through the storms.

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