A Transformation From Campus To Camp


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Professor Diane DiCerbo wears many hats here at Lynn. Not only is she the director of academic advising and assistant professor of mathematics, she is also the camp director of the annual Pine Tree Camp.

DiCerbo has more than 26 years of camp experience and is the only faculty member who works at the camp. Set up for the camp begins right after graduation and takes a lot of work and cooperation.

The camp offers day programs for children ages 3-14 and the overnight program, Kampus Kampers, for ages 6-13. Kampus Kampers have the opportunity to stay on campus Monday through Friday and go home on the weekends.

“The counselors I have had work for me are many of my admin,” said DiCerbo. “They have been with me for over 20 years.”

When President Emeritus Donald E. Ross wanted to help rebuild Lynn, then known as Marymount College, he and his wife, Mrs. Ross, brought down friends and family from Delaware to help. They had children and needed a place for them to go during the summer while they worked. Mrs. Ross and her friend Sue Marrill decided to start a summer camp for the children, and in 1978 the Pine Tree Camp opened.

“The camp is very familiar and common, it’s a big family,” said DiCerbo. “Adults get to be kids again.”

More than 1,800 children attend the nine-week long day and overnight camp during the summer months. With the help of student counselors, the children enjoy days filled with activities such as fishing, boating, nature, walks, arts and crafts, sports and cooking on the Lynn campus.

“My favorite part of my job is being able to be outside and play,” said DiCerbo. “You are never too old to play.”

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