Artists On The Rise Strive For Change

Exposing the talents and gifts of others is a gift in itself to give. The support of talented people is what often convinces aspiring artists to increase their confidence and to acknowledge what they have to offer and how their artistry can help others. Personally, shortly after I had an opportunity to paint in Wynwood alongside other artists, I decided to make work that could benefit a great cause and reap benefits for others as well.

By partnering with 4kids of South Florida with my local church in order to create an artistic piece that seeks to advocate the voice of kids who are in need of care and a home, I was given the opportunity to gift my talent for those in need. The piece, titled “Shelter,” will be donated to the 4KidsSF organization during the Night of Advocacy in Boca Raton.

My inspiration to cultivate work that seeks to raise funds for those in need was born from watching the flourishing careers of many talented artists like Mona Lee. Lee, who works steadily in the central parts of Florida and in Miami, has received much love and appreciation for her amazing photography that incorporates the art of dance and visual context. Lee serves as the founder and mother of the company and organization titled Culture Conduct, a company that incorporates all elements of creativity to help spread awareness for a variety of causes.

“Essentially, we’re a bunch of humanitarians at heart, who love to dance,” said Lee. “We are among many things because we are constantly creating. We are known for that exactly- whether it be visual projects, new dance moves, or plans to help change the world, we’re active. We’re hungry, but we’re humble. Our team is full of undeniably dope dancers, phenomenal visual film-makers, but most importantly, we’re all aspiring motivational youth speakers and we’re all just looking to inspire the next kid to dance.”

As founder, Lee started her brand Culture Conduct in November of 2012 to put both passions together. Through it, she has been able to train a variety of dancers in freestyle etiquette while creating film projects using them as subjects. Through the years, the name “Culture Conduct” has developed itself into an original brand and can be represented through its students and mentors.

From personal creativity to artistic collaborations, Culture Conduct has evolved into a production house and humanitarian organization. At the end of the day, the goal is to empower people, especially the youth, through practicing and performing.

“Blogging and online marketing has been my most efficient way of booking things for myself,” said Lee, referring to what has helped contribute to her company’s growth. “[Marketing included] dance videos that were uploaded to YouTube and spread through all my platforms, as well as my actual website.”

Essentially, this dream of making global change through creation serves as an important motivation for young, aspiring artists. For those invited to Lee’s company, where creative collaboration is the main focus, the time spent together forms a family of artistic individuals working to change the world for the better.

The opinions expressed in this article are that of the writer.

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