University Pushes For Energy Conservation

By Sara McAveney

Contributing Writer

Living in an on-campus dorm is a classic component to the college experience. For years, eager freshmen move into rooms that are an emblem of newborn freedom and independence.

With this newfound liberation, however, students often do not realize how much energy they consume while residing in their rooms. It often comes as a surprise when students realize how much energy is wasted when lights are left on and when chargers go unplugged.

The University Sustainability Committee is taking action to reach out to residential students in the hope to educate them on the lasting impact of wasted energy. The committee hopes that by educating students, they will become more aware of their actions and will work steadily to change their habits. Cassidy Kruse, resident of EML, agreed energy consumption is a problem.

“As a student, I take advantage of my energy output because I am not directly paying for electricity,” said Kruse. “I admit to rarely remembering to turn my lights off when leaving.”

“Turning my lights off before leaving my room never crosses my mind,” said Thomas Wagner, junior. “Over spring break, I came back from vacation to every light in my room still being on.”

Sophomore and baseball player, Ben Fagan, reflected on his own experiences with conserving energy.

“Sometimes I will remember to turn off my lights and sometimes I will not,” he said. “I do not think about it as much here as I would at home.”

To promote awareness for the issue on energy conservation, the committee is set to host a table at the university’s Sustainability Day. Here, they will have a petition for residents to sign signifying that they will be more aware of their energy use in their rooms.

Upon signing the petition, each student will receive a car and refrigerator magnet saying, “Flip It Off.” The goal of this initiative aims to be a constant reminder to the students to pay special attention to energy use.

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