Going Green With Campus Transportation

By Caroline Duerr and Contributing Writers

Transportation is one of the most important factors that affect the environment. According to statistics supported by a global network of scientist and environmental analysts, utilizing gas-emitting vehicles reduces the quality of the air, increases greenhouse gas emissions and wastes energy.

Lynn University’s Sustainability Committee has been making efforts to improve the environment for students and faculty, resulting in a provision of a variety of activities and services. In accordance to these efforts, Lynn has created and partnered with several alternative car-pooling services, including Lynn Shuttle, U-Haul Car Share and Green Ride Carpool. These alternatives promote shared transportation for a multitude of individuals, decreasing the need for individual-based vehicle ownership and driving.

Despite these options and Lynn’s succeeding efforts pertaining to the Green Initiative, a recently conducted survey among both residents and commuting Lynn students support a notion that green transportation services are not being taken advantage of on a regular basis. Some students may be unaware of the provided services, thus making them unable to enjoy the convenience as well as the benefits the service provides for the environment.

According to students who are aware of the Lynn Shuttle, it serves as a convenient alternative to individual-based transportation on weekends as it runs on Friday, Saturday and Sunday between noon and 6 p.m. The shuttle runs one route on the hour and allows students to designate their own stops.

U-Haul Car Share is a platform that allows students to rent cars at a low price. It is a unique and flexible system that allows people who are 18 years of age and older to enjoy the benefits of driving without having to worry about price and paperwork.

With regards to the environment, this platform is beneficial as it helps to reduce the amount of cars that exist, increasing the amount of carpool usage. This is a win-win situation for both the environment and for clients.

“During my first year of Lynn, I drove with U-Haul Car Share to many places,” said Jhoanna Jimenez, 3.0 student from the Dominican Republic. “I have always been an independent person and I wanted to discover the area without limitations. U-Haul Car Share gave me that opportunity without any major risk or high cost.”

Another transportation service provided to students is the Green Ride Carpool Program. Through this program, students and faculty can register online and become a member of a specific pool for carpooling.

“If you told me there is a way to never have to park in or around the dirt lot again, I would have to call you my hero,” said Emily Weisberg, sophomore. “I never knew the Green Ride Carpool Program existed and now I want to sign up so that I can get the best parking in the house.”

Students seeking a non-gas emitting option during any day of the week can take advantage of Lynn’s free bike rental program. This program offers numerous bikes on campus that are readily available and that can be rented or reserved simply by flashing a student ID card.

“Renting out and riding a bike on or off campus is something that I enjoy to do every week,” said Loreana Lonigro, junior. “Whether for exercise, or for self-enjoyment, using a bike to get around is a fun way to get sun on your skin and to get some cardio in while being green.”

Lynn’s Sustainability Committee is an organization within campus that works to create a sustainable environment by conservation, education and dedication to programs that seek to benefit students, faculty and staff. Awareness of programs like these are ways that the committee and the Lynn community can make progress toward ensuring sustainability and environmental conservation.

For more information regarding any of these programs, visit and connect with Lynn services online at lynn.edu.

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