World Cup Kick-Off Elicits Anticipation

After four long-awaited years, the FIFA World Cup is back and better than ever. With the start of qualifying now underway, this year certainly feels as if anyone could emerge victorious, even those lacking the powerhouse brands like that of Germany and Spain.

With Lynn being a widely diverse university, there has been much dialogue around campus about the favorites to win the tournament. In addition, many have speculated about the countries on the border of qualification.

“[The] United States will go for sure, but I have France winning,” said Christopher Herman, senior. “Simply because of their complete chemistry and just their roster alone, they are too stacked to lose.”

Herman’s thoughts are popular among fans, as France has been a dominant team for quite some time and should be considered favorites.

“I am supporting France for the World Cup because they have a very young, talented team that are fun to watch. I am French [as well],” said Alex Lemaigre, junior. “I am also supporting Belgium since they too have a young, talented team and are considered underdogs, since they are a rising FA program. [Lastly, I am] obviously supporting the United States, but I know they will not win, so I hope to see them make the quarterfinals.”

Of course, soccer fans cannot forget about the international powerhouse Brazil. After their lackluster showing in the 2014 World Cup in Rio, the Brazilian squad has become the first team to officially qualify for the 2018 tournament. With qualification behind them, their speedy roster can now place all of their efforts in preparation for kick-off in Russia.

“In terms of who will win, it will either be France or Argentina, who has played poorly as of late, or Brazil because they are a consistently strong team,” said Lemaigre.

“Brazil came off of a great 2014 FIFA World Cup run despite losing to Germany,” said Christopher Batchelor, junior. “I think after that terrible loss, they will come back stronger than before and pose a real threat to anyone who comes across them.”

No matter where students are from, the upcoming World Cup offers soccer fans the opportunity to watch their favorite game in its purest form. Whether France, Brazil, Argentina or even the U.S. come out on top, the journey to victory will be quite the adventure for the billions of spectators.

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