Flashback Fashion: Fighting Knights Edition

As many students may know, fashion trends come and go. The new year, however, featured a blast from the past with some nostalgic trends.

Whether one hates them or loves them, the classic ‘mom jean’ denim is back. Whether they come light washed or high waisted, mom jeans can be seen on campus today, paired with an old school band tee or a simple v-neck.

Chokers, not to be confused with dog collars, is another tribute to the 90’s decade and come in assorted colors, designs and fabrics. Chokers are a key accessory for many looking to add a statement or a little bit of sass to certain look.

“I think my favorite trend right now would be chokers,” said Jasmine Knowles, junior. “They’re super cute, I’m so happy these made a comeback.”

Combat boots, another vintage trend to make its way into the 21st century, can be paired with nearly anything. This style of footwear can add an edge to any outfit while turning heads in the process.

“Combat boots are essential,” said Kristen Maslow, senior. “Dr. Martins [shoe distributor] is a genius.”

Keeping with the topic of shoes, platforms heels have also made their way back into the limelight. The sky seems to be the limit with platform shoes and how they can be used to spruce up any outfit. Whether they are worn to bring out one’s inner spice girl, or worn to add inches to one’s frame, platforms shoes definitely seem to do the trick. With the help of celebrity endorsements like that of Rihanna, platforms have inched their way to becoming Spring’s hottest trend.

“I was skeptical at first with my first pair of Rihanna platform creepers,” said Briana Randall, senior. “But after wearing them and seeing how stylish they are, I want to get more!”

As for accessories, round frames give style connoisseurs some serious Elton John and John Lennon vibes. These fun frames are the perfect way to spice up prescription glasses for a funky look.

“I love how different they are,” said Tshaka Dennis, student. “They’re not the average pair of glasses, so having them makes me look pretty cool.”

In a never ending cycle of re-surfacing fashion trends, the styles of the 90’s speak volumes for ‘fashionistas’ today. Whether it is dawning a pair of worn jeans or flashing a brightly colored choker, the dive into the decades have only just begun.

Barbara Calixte

Barbara Calixte is a web editor and sophomore who is studying multimedia journalism in the 3.0 Program from West Palm Beach, Florida. Calixte aspires to be the first Haitian American news anchor for CNN or MSNBC. If life takes a different turn, Calixte hopes to go into public relations, representing major companies such as Google or Facebook.

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