Lynn Students To Give Back Over Break

From March 5-9, Lynn’s Center for Student Involvement (CSI) will be hosting an “alternative spring break” in Key West where students can volunteer with Habitat for Humanity.

Although many students on spring break have earned a reputation for lounging on beaches across the nation, some students at Lynn are choosing to make a positive impact during their time off. The alternative spring break seeks to organize a plethora of activities that will allow students to assist those in need.

“By attending our alternative spring break trip to Key West to work with Habitat for Humanity, students can shut out the noise from the daily grind while also engaging with the community,” said Jaclyn Kuwik, coordinator at CSI. “We will be doing things like constructing a home, [ as well as] painting and working with the [Habitat’s efforts]. Through participating in service, this group of students can easily bond and create new friendships.”

CSI invites any and all Lynn students to unwind from the stress of daily student life by working along side new people for the greater good of another community.

“I believe in the service philosophy that focuses on the individual being a part of the whole,” said Kuwik. “By engaging with others, we are leveraging our talents, time and privilege.”

Those who participate will also experience the culture of the island via a trip out on the water. This small excursion will take place on a glass bottom boat.

“It’s important to learn about the community with which you are engaging in service, and I think that by having fun in the community, students will get to connect more to it and appreciate their work even more,” said Kuwik. “We are going to have a great time in Key West!”

For $50, participants will receive transportation to and from Key West, rooming accommodations for three days’ worth of service, and some meals.

“[I hope that] students will learn from this experience while also gaining a sense of appreciation,” said Kuwik. “I believe that this will be a fun way to engage in reciprocal service.”

For more information or to register, students can contact Jaclyn Kuwik at JKuwik@Lynn. edu.

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