Lynn Athletics Shines through Innovation

With the many achievements Lynn has accomplished, some of the most impressive are winning 23 National Championships, 38 Sunshine State Conference Championships and expanding Lynn’s Athletics program.

“Lynn University has advanced in immense ways since 1991, it is known as a leader for innovation, a leader for diversity and also a leader in terms of just overall cultural [integrity] of the institution,” said Devin Crosby, Athletic Director. “Lynn University promotes a culture of care, a culture of trust, a culture of honor that is very consistent that is part of our brand attributes, and that’s what’s very important about Lynn and why it is different compared to a lot of institutions.”
Since 1991, Lynn Athletics has added men’s and women’s sports, gained talented young athletes and has become a strong recognizable athletic program.
“To be part of the Lynn Athletics program means a lot for me because we athletes have the feeling that people really care about us,” said Luca Puster, junior. “In my opinion, Lynn has one of the best athletic programs in Division II, especially this year [since] the school made a huge step forward [with their] social media and with their live streams which also motivates us athletes.”
Many professional and college level teams showcase their athletes through their social media efforts, but Lynn is consistently seeking out new methods of showing off university talent.
“It is great knowing we are so innovative with showing some of the talent we have,” said Morgan Garrison, junior. “It is cool having publicity in so many different ways like our commercials and live coverage.”
In the past year alone, Lynn has signed with Adidas to become the official sportswear for Lynn’s Athletics, added women’s track to the 14 existing athletic programs and picked up two Sunshine State Conference Championships.
“I really look at Lynn coming from President Ross, simply just meeting the needs of students, and by focusing on people and by focusing on our students that creates the innovation,” said Crosby. “So I think that’s a very awesome thing about Lynn University; our success is simply a by product of who we are, it is a by product of our culture.”

Christina Diabo

Christina Diabo graduated summa cum laude with a bachelor’s of arts degree in multimedia journalism from Lynn last May. Now as a graduate assistant in the College of Communication & Design, Diabo hopes to pursue a career involving her skills and talents in the broadcast journalism industry, hoping to report for the Golf Channel.

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