New Season Brings New Eating Experience

While many Lynn students are looking toward winter break as the semester concludes, Dining Services has much in store for students to anticipate prior to the holiday getaway.

Brian Bowser, general manager of Lynn’s dining, is working alongside his team to make the dining culture a more innovative experience before students leave for break. The goal, in short, is to create a sense of universal hospitality among students.
“It is a sense of inclusion, not implementation, during the holiday season,” said Bowser. “It is our job to set the table for that inclusion.”
With this in mind, the Dining Services department has designed new phases that celebrate the holiday atmosphere and the season change. Most notable of these plans is the “Twelve Days of Lynn Dining,” an initiative scheduled for the last twelve days of the fall semester.
“The Twelve Days of Lynn Dining is done entirely on Twitter,” said Bowser. “Each day I will tweet something like, ‘On the first day of Christmas, Lynn Dining gave to me,’ and it will usually involve a BOGO or free item.”
Aside from the free promos, student can partake in the 24 hour hot cocoa bar in the Elmore Dining Commons. The event runs through the last week of final exams, accompanied by a variety of ‘themed’ desserts currently being crafted. “Elmore is a blank canvas for us, especially during the holidays,” said Bowser. “Every day we get to create something new and special.”
Students can look forward to a new and improved Dining Commons come January. During winter break, renovations will take place, lining up with Bowser’s motto. “This is why I do what I do. I bring innovation; I bring change.”

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