The True Meaning of the Holiday Season

“Holidays always depress me” – Charlie Brown

When someone thinks of Thanksgiving, they usually think of a big feast around a table surrounded by family. However, “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” shows friends coming together and celebrating Thanksgiving together, showing that friends matter just as much as family do during the holidays.
In the movie, Peppermint Patty, one of Charlie’s friends, invites herself and two more friends over to Charlie Brown’s for Thanksgiving, without realizing he has plans already. Charlie, not wanting to let his friends down, does all he can to make a decent Thanksgiving dinner, but since he cannot cook, all he is able to make for his friends is buttered toast, popcorn and some candy. When it comes time for dinner, Peppermint Patty gets furious, saying that this is not what a Thanksgiving dinner is, but soon comes to realize, with the help of her friend Marcie, that she should not judge, considering she invited herself, and that Thanksgiving is not about the food, it’s about the people.
Thanksgiving is traditionally time spent with family, but really, it should be spent with whoever you love. Friends are an important part of not only Thanksgiving, but the holiday season altogether. Thanksgiving is a day to give thanks to what one has, and friends are an integral part of everyday life. Many people now not only celebrate Thanksgiving with family, but also do something called Friendsgiving. The idea of Friendsgiving is to make sure that friends get the kind of love and appreciation they deserve, and friends can come together and be thankful for each other just as family is.
“[It is] important for your friends to know how much you care about them, you don’t always get the chance to remind them, so it’s important,” said Lorena Sanchez, senior.
Although cheesy, it is true that friends are the family that people choose and Charlie Brown makes many realize how important it is to make sure friends are thought about as well during the holidays. Even though Charlie’s Thanksgiving did not come out quite as well as he expected, in the end, he and all his friends go and enjoy a family and friend dinner at Charlie’s grandma’s house.
“I want a Thanksgiving like Charlie Brown’s,” said Jack Piuggi, junior.
“A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” serves to remind everyone to always be thankful—not only for family, but friends too—and to remember all of the times shared with families and friends in the past and present.
In a nutshell, it reminds viewers how important it is to be together for the holidays.

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