On a Roll in Boca Raton

Hotdog-Opolis, owned by husband and wife team Harvey and Judy Loewenstein, has been providing South Florida with some of the most exceptional hot dogs for the past eight years.

The Loewensteins are originally from New York, but they do not favor the typical NY-style dog that is smothered with sauerkraut and spicy brown mustard. According to Harvey, he and his wife are uncompromising fans of the famous Chicago-style dog.
This type of hot dog is not only the Loewensteins’ favorite, but a customer favorite as well.
The Chicago starts with a Vienna beef dog and is dressed with a zigzag of yellow mustard, green pickle relish, freshly chopped white onions and a couple of carefully inserted tomato wedges between the beef and the soft poppy seed bun. The hot dog is then topped with sport peppers, a kosher dill pickle and a dash of celery salt. At $3.49, the loaded hot dog serves to be a large item for a small cost.
“We use Vienna beef,” he said. “It is hands down, by far, the best and most premium hot dog beef on the market. Our variety of toppings [also] gives us leverage over other places selling hotdogs.”
The business owner also highlighted the brand’s creativity, stating that their specialty dogs are an immense differentiating factor.
“The Peking is our most innovative [hot dog recipe],” he said. “It’s made with our Vienna beef dog wrapped in duck bacon topped with pineapple sauce, hoisin sauce and garnished with scallions.”
The creativity does not stop there, as Hotdog-Opolis offers a plethora of other specialty creations all named after their toppings: the Carolina, the Reuben, the Buffalo Wing and the South of the Border capture but a few of the offerings.
Hotdog-Opolis does not limit their customers to only Vienna beef, either. Some of their other specialty sausages include bratwurst, weisswurst, chorizo and chicken apple sausage. Those looking for something different can order an infused game sausage like elk, duck, lamb, crocodile, boar, venison or buffalo.
Guests looking for options other than hot dogs may order one of Hotdog-Opolis’ Angus beef burgers coupled with freshly hand-cut French fries. Vegan, vegetarian or gluten-free customers can also find their fix with a vegan “sausage” and gluten-free bun.
“We are looking to expand that side of our menu with more vegetarian and vegan friendly options,” explained Harvey. “[But] every sausage can be prepared any style.”
Hotdog-Opolis has locations at 6020 N Federal Highway and at 8177 Glades Road in Boca. Those interested in delving into the Chicago-inspired delight can visit the restaurant’s website at hotdogopolis.com to see the menu, view photography and order online.

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