Directing Lynn Athletics into the Future

The Lynn community is composed of individuals who embody the university’s core values of spirit, strength and service. Whether it is the student body or the roster of faculty and staff, every member of the family brings something special to campus.

Devin Crosby, director of athletics, is no exception.
Crosby specifically chose Lynn because of what the school stands for and how strong the leadership is.
“What sealed my desire to work at Lynn University was President Kevin Ross,” said Crosby. “It is easy to see a person of innovation; he is a president who is grounded in confidence with a balance of humility.”
As an undergraduate student, Crosby attended Slippery Rock University with a major in communication studies. For graduate school, he went on to attend East Stroudsburg University where he completed his master’s degree in sports management. Crosby’s background and his drive landed him a job at Lynn, where he has been warmly received by the campus community.
“Devin makes every student, staff and faculty member feel special and welcome—not just the athletes,” said Jennah Ackerman, campus recreation coordinator. “He really gets to know each and every person [and] you can tell he really enjoys what he does everyday. He loves hearing feedback and making things come to life on and off the field.”
Crosby describes his style of leadership with the single word, “care.”
“I believe that when you care about people and people believe that are sincerely cared for, they can strive to do all types of amazing things,” he said.
Crosby has many duties as the director of athletics but his main focus is looking out for the wellbeing of the people he works among.
“He is dedicated and also ensures the students are having the best time that they can,” said Alex Sourry, junior. “He represents what Lynn is all about.”
Devin Crosby is someone who is highly present and excels at what he does. He is someone that can be counted on, someone who makes a difference on campus and most importantly, someone who cares.

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