Thoughts from Donald Trump’s Employees

Florida has long been known to serve as one of the key swing states during presidential campaigns as a result of its diverse and massive population.

It is also home to many of Donald Trump’s personal and professional properties, including resorts and residential space.

One resort property owned by the GOP candidate is Trump National Doral, a property in Miami that has seen many visits by Trump since the announcement of his campaign.

“Most resort guests are huge supporters or want to buy his ‘Make America Great Again’ hats for friends if they are not supporters themselves,” explained Maria Cebtano, a retail associate working at the Trump National Doral. “On the retail side, it has been very busy and really only questions on merchandise have arisen.”

Over the course of Trump’s bombastic campaign, many critics have attacked the candidate for the way he allegedly mistreats some of his workers, though some of the staff at his Miami resort do not echo the same sentiments.

“I would disagree with how the media portrays how Donald Trump treats his employees,” said Daniel Castano, an assistant golf professional. “I have been here for a couple of years and really enjoy it. I see it as a great facility that allows me to grow and excel with the Trump and golf industries.”

Cebtano agreed with her fellow employee.

“I have been working here for four years and really appreciate the HR activities, events and benefits,” she said. “I do not see any discrimination or racism. In fact, I feel a sense of family with my fellow associates because of the pillars the Trump brand stands for.”

Recently, the PGA Tour announced they would no longer be hosting their annual WGC-Cadillac Championship at the Miami resort beyond 2016, noting the decision was made in part to comments made by Trump’s presidential campaign.

Regardless, the resort has maintained consumer traffic, possibly even receiving a boost from the name recognition earned through campaigning.

“We are definitely very busy,” said Jose Hernandez, golf supervisor. “I feel like certain days are busy when [Trump] is on property and extra security is around, but routines are the same as usual in the golf operation.”

As their employer draws closer to hearing the results of Election Day, Trump’s employees are certain to keep an eye peeled—they may find themselves working for the next president, after all.

Christina Diabo

Christina Diabo graduated summa cum laude with a bachelor’s of arts degree in multimedia journalism from Lynn last May. Now as a graduate assistant in the College of Communication & Design, Diabo hopes to pursue a career involving her skills and talents in the broadcast journalism industry, hoping to report for the Golf Channel.

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